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Richard Steele
Oct 26, 2017
I will miss you dear brother. Thank you for coming on trips in Alaska with me: Brooks Range, Ford's Terror, Pybus Bay again and again. I was with you when you got your first deer and the one which ran back to the cabin and you finished him off. Sam had the forethought to have the cabin shotgun pointed away from you when it accidentally discharged. You knew me best. I will more than miss you.
Christmas — November 30, 1962
Tami Tilton
Oct 13, 2017
We will truly miss our Dear Friend Jim - better known to us as 'Mr. Buck-Buck'. Although our hearts are broken, we will never forget his kind, warm, generous heart, his wonderful stories & horrible jokes! We will miss the smell of his fresh-baked bread & the smell of his barbecue wafting thru our windows. We will miss the sound of his truck starting early in the morning with the dogs baying on their way to the park. We will miss his fun & gentleness with 'Zackety Zack' - the goldfish, chickens & bunnies. We will miss his proud smile when he spoke of his family; his children's new jobs, his daughter leaving for college, the birth & time spent with his grand-daughter. We will miss the forever ...light in his eye when he spoke of his wife. There are many, many things we will miss of our kind, gentle & witty friend & it's an honor for us to have been a part of his life. Many, many prayers & so much love to the Steele family- we are always here for love & support. We know you will all continue to make him proud & that he will be with us - always. XoxoRead more
Kim & Lia Danas ...and a goldfish
Oct 12, 2017
Dear Trish & family; the world mourns with you, having lost "Mr. Buck Buck". I imagine everyone who ever met Jim treasured his wit and warm personality. Oh how he loved his family and friends. He doted on those he cared about... And went to crazy lengths to spare someone pain... I can't say many men would give CPR to a goldfish to avoid having my young nephew learn "the circle of life" lesson too soon... Yes, I said goldfish!! Zack had caught Jim fishing a, shall we say 'floater fish' from the backyard trough and Zack was horrified. I think Jim was even more so!! And true to form, in his own "Jim Way" combining wit and humor and kindness all into one; Jim deftly sent the deceased fish flyin...g over one shoulder., behind him! Jim then proceeded to have Trish distract Zack so Jim could do a sleight of hand and scoop a live replacement goldfish to pantomime doing CPR on, in attempts of "reviving" the fish... Zack looked back to Jim who sincerely explained he was doing his best, to help the goldfish and wouldn't you just know it- (can you imagine.).. the fish was miraculously revived!! I think Jim became Zack's first Superhero that day....while the rest of us were struggling holding back the laughter! It still makes me smile. It was a moment that embraced so many of Jim's special qualities. Jim reminds us that life is fleeting...It was an honor having known him, I just wish it could have been longer. I will treasure this memory always! Stay strong. Much love.Read more
Chris Perry
Oct 12, 2017
We are so so so sorry for your loss! Although our kids grew apart as they got older, I always remember how great Jim was with all of them...and the interest he showed in our younger children when they'd stop by at Halloween. If we can do ANYTHING to help, please don't hesitate to ask! You're all in our thoughts and prayers!
Juli Hogan
Oct 12, 2017
I didn't get to know Jim very well I am Lisa's friend. He was always ripping and running as we say in the south. I do remember his beautiful cascading long brown hair and wonderful laugh. I enjoyed watching him joke around w his dad. I know he is in heaven w his mom and dad watching over his loving family. God Bless.
Susan Chelf
Oct 12, 2017
My heart goes out to Bill and his family. James sounds like a wonderful and very interesting man. I’m sorry I never had a chance to meet him. But, I can tell that he was very smart and a pleasure to talk to. What a gift to have had such an awesome brother! 💔
The Liebermanns
Oct 12, 2017
Remembering a kind, funny, strong, brilliant, gentle friend-our thoughts and prayers are with you. Heaven is brighter tonight. Sally, Chuck, Luke and Jess
Terry Williams
Oct 12, 2017
Reading Jimmy’s obituary, it is abundantly apparent he lived his life as I remember him in childhood: fun loving, kind and caring. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends

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